Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the 
15th Workshop of the IOBC Global Working Group on Mass Rearing & Quality Assurance (MRQA) will be held in Bologna, Italy, 5-9th September 2022. The conference will take place at Giorgio Prodi Lecture Hall in the San Giovanni in Monte complex.

The workshop objective is to explore opportunities for advancing the rearing of high quality entomophagous and phytophagous insects and mites, entomopathogenic nematodes, and other invertebrates for plant and animal pest management, human and animal food, and a variety of other uses. The program will consist of symposia on current “Hot topics,” invited and submitted presentations, and posters on selected aspects of invertebrate rearing and quality assurance as they relate to production and quality control. Presentations will serve as a basis for discussion and exchange, with the final aim of improving collaboration among scientists and practitioners.

General Topics for the Symposia include:

  • Mass rearing and quality assurance of entomophagous arthropods and entomopathogenic nematodes
  • Mass rearing and quality assurance of pollinators (hoverflies, bumblebees…)
  • Arthropod mass rearing for various purposes (e.g., butterflies, displays, conservation, SIT, food and feed, etc.),
  • Methods for assessing the quality of biological control products
  • Education and training in insect rearing

Additional suggestions are welcome. Submission of abstracts for oral and poster presentations will find a dedicated section in this website. Instructions for presenters will be included in a subsequent announcement.

A technical visit will be organized in cooperation with Bioplanet s.r.l. Guided city tours can also be arranged.

Details on registration fees and accommodation options will be announced in a subsequent circular.

Looking forward to meeting you in Bologna!

Maria Luisa Dindo & Rose Buitenhuis
IOBC-MRQA Co-convenors